Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cha Dao Tea Place: Part 5 of The Great Maginhawa Food Trip

This post is the fifth of a five-part series called The Great Maginhawa Food Trip.
Part 1: Tomato Kick
Part 2: Friuli Trattoria
Part 3: Cocina Juan

We've finally come to the end of the series! It's been a fun ride, and it'll be some time before our next post, making this the perfect time to check out some of our older posts! ;)

Anyway, our final course for The Great Maginhawa Food Trip is none other than a cool glass of pearl milk tea at Cha Dao Tea Place.

The small shop consists of a counter where they serve their specialty tea drinks, as well as several little tables where you can just sit and chill with your friends. In fact, the tiny store is full of students studying and holding meetings. There's not much room, but the bright tea-green walls, light wooden furniture, and quiet atmosphere make you feel calm, relaxed and refreshed, the perfect space for you to unwind. 

Their drinks too are the ideal de-stressing beverages. They have a wide variety of drinks as well, and you also have a choice of different sinkers. The prices are average for milk tea. I ordered this Cha Yen Milk Tea, also known as Thai milk tea. It's rich red tea blended creamy milk, along with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. You can really taste the aromatic brewed tea and the pearls are also nice and chewy, also with a fragrant tea flavor.

Unlike other tea places, Cha Dao has two different ways of preparing your tea: on the rocks or shaken with ice. Getting your drink on the rocks means that the tea is poured onto the ice, so that it's less cold but richer and more full-flavored. On the other hand, having your tea shaken with ice makes the drink more diluted, but it's served ice cold so there's that.

Cha Dao is Chinese for "the way of tea", and Cha Dao Tea Place serves tea straight up, milky or fruity, plain or sweet, it all depends on your preference. And in the end, I suppose there really is only one way when it comes to tea: your way.

Cha Dao Tea Place
111A Maginhawa Street, UP Village, Diliman, QC
Tel. Nos.: 7381490, 0916-2315951
Open daily: 11am-12mn


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