Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introduction to Dimsum: Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Chicken Feet with Tausi
It's been a long time since I wrote my last post, sorry for that. But!!! I'm back with some food adventures. For my comeback, I want to share with you my love for dimsum! =D I know a lot of you also love it just as much as I do. The dimsum to be mentioned in this post are from Causeway Seafood Restaurant along Banawe. I've attended their opening before, and they got their chefs from Hongkong so the food are good for its reasonable prices.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sweet Desserts at Cocktales

(Note: As of May 2012, this Cocktales branch is now closed. :( There are still other branches of Cocktales though (as listed at the end of this post), so be sure to check them out!)

Because it's been a long long time since the last post here on The Lunch Buddies, I've decided to drop a quick mini-review on a little desserts shop called Cocktales. They've already opened several branches around Metro Manila but the one I visited is in Robinson's Place Manila.

Even at first glance, the store (or is it a booth?) is already quite eye-catching. The bright and cheerful ambience just pulls you in as soon as you see it.

Their menu is also super adorable, with gorgeous photos and beautiful lettering. And it fully achieves its purpose since it makes you want to order every single mouth-watering item on the menu!