Friday, June 10, 2011

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant

I'm actually pretty late with this post, seeing as Vikings has already been making waves throughout the Manila all-you-can-eat scene. All real foodies appreciate a good buffet, and Vikings is here to provide us with just that: the chance to dine in luxury without having to pay extravagant amounts of cash.

The moment you enter the restaurant, you already feel the different ambience Vikings has. This isn't just a place to shovel endless amounts of food into your mouth; the spacious area, the bright appealing interiors, and of course, the gorgeous view of the ocean, all of this provide a great environment for not only eating food, but enjoying it as well.

The buffet spread is separated into several stations: Western, Asian, shabu-shabu, grilled, desserts and even a children's menu.  They have the usual area filled with Western appetizers such as soup, fresh salad greens and cold cuts, as well as Filipino-Western entrees such as rice, lengua (ox tongue), braised beef, pasta, mashed potatoes, fish fillet, etc.

The Asian corner provides plenty of dimsum choices as well as Japanese appetizers such as chawan mushi (steamed egg) and miso soup (in adorable little teapots).

And of course, practically dozens of fantastic sushi and sashimi for you to choose from, all of which are freshly made by the chefs behind the counter.

A shabu-shabu area serves snack food such as fish balls, dumplings, and others, cooking in boiling hot soup. One area serves roast beef, while another serves various grilled meats and seafood.

If all of it is still not enough for you, you can even order baked oysters and mussels, or even steamed crab to be brought to your table for your group to enjoy. (Availability depends on the time you visit, either lunch or dinner, weekday or weekends.)

If you're anything like me, the best part of any buffet is the dessert table. And Vikings certainly does not disappoint. With 8 flavors of ice cream ranging from chocolate to ube to avocado...

... to cookies and cakes and cute little pots of chocolate mouse, mango pannacotta, and creme brulee...

 and to the well loved Filipino sweets and various other local desserts such as halo-halo.

Even self-serve frozen yogurt in two flavors! How awesome is that!

Vikings has managed to focus on an important aspect of the buffet: the illusion of choice. The food is at best above average, certainly not better than hotel fare, but just seeing all this food lined up in front of you, arranged prettily and served in artistic containers, makes you feel like you're eating all of this food when you're actually not. Vikings is actually sells more than just the food, it sells an experience, and that, more than any other reason, is why Vikings is "the best buffet in Manila."

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant
Mall of Asia Grounds, Pasay City


  1. I am really interested with this restaurant I always heard about it and I am curious on it. I want to taste their foods and feel their ambiance. Hope to dine on this prestigious restaurant. Thanks.

  2. Is there a difference with the fud they serve at lunch and dinner? Tnx