Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sancho Churreria: Part 4 of The Great Maginhawa Food Trip

This post is the fourth of a five-part series called The Great Maginhawa Food Trip.
Part 1: Tomato Kick
Part 2: Friuli Trattoria
Part 3: Cocina Juan

We're now nearing the end of The Great Maginhawa Food Trip, and our fourth installment features a little, old-fashioned cafe called Sancho Churreria Manila. What is a churreria, you ask? Why, a store that sells churros, of course! And excellent churros, at that!

Even before entering, the glass panels already make the store look very warm and inviting, with sunlight streaming through from outside. The interior isn't very spacious, but the displays of yummy goodies as well as the cozy furniture and decor help you feel right at home. The store was packed when we were there, with people having important business meetings, long overdue reunions with friends, or maybe just some lazy afternoon coffee. I never wanted to leave.

Of course the first thing you notice is really the shelf of pastries just staring at you. Stocked full of eclairs, cream puffs, cakes and rolls, I felt like a little kid again, looking through the glass in amazement at how much yumminess exists in that tiny little space.

We ordred three items: cream puffs, eclairs, and a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

The cream puff and eclair were both filled with a rich, cold custard, encased in puffy pastry. The cream puff was topped with a crispy crust of caramelized sugar, while the eclair was covered in chocolate. 

The cheesecake was unbaked cheesecake, which made it very light, soft cheese topped with tangy and fruity blueberry jam.

Their real specialty though, was not found in that glass cabinet. We ordered this large serving of Churros con Chocolate for only 85 pesos, for which you get, well, churros and chocolate. Five pieces of warm, crispy, chewy churros for you to dip into the hot cup of thick creamy chocolate. This was heaven. The bittersweet chocolate that had the distinct flavor and aroma of tablea was dark and sinful, while the unsweetened churros, crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, melted in your mouth as you took a bite. Eventually, you find yourself attempting to cover even the last centimeter of churro with chocolate, just so there isn't any left unpartnered with the delicious pastry.

Most of the time, dessert means some cold, frozen treat to beat the heat. Sometimes though, you also need some good old fashioned comfort food to keep you happy and full of sugary pastries, and Sancho Churreria is here to hit that spot. This is a place that would be perfect for you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience with your friends and loved ones.

This series is coming to an end soon! The next post will be short and sweet. Literally. ;)

Sancho Churreria Manila
122 Maginhawa St., UP Village, QC
Tel. No.: 4365539

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  1. Those eclairs looks sinfully delicious! Gotta visit this place when I pass by Maginhawa next week :)