Thursday, April 7, 2011

Introduction to Dimsum: Causeway Seafood Restaurant

Chicken Feet with Tausi
It's been a long time since I wrote my last post, sorry for that. But!!! I'm back with some food adventures. For my comeback, I want to share with you my love for dimsum! =D I know a lot of you also love it just as much as I do. The dimsum to be mentioned in this post are from Causeway Seafood Restaurant along Banawe. I've attended their opening before, and they got their chefs from Hongkong so the food are good for its reasonable prices.

First of all, there's chicken feet. For some, it is kind of weird to eat this delicacy; but it's pretty delicious, especially with its rich sauce. Then there's also the Beancurd Roll, which contains a lot of tender meat inside.

Beancurd Roll
One of the dimsum we are most familiar with is the Sharksfin Dumpling. Personally, I don't like wrappers that are too thick, so I didn't like the top portion of it; however, the filling inside is just right-- tasty and just the right amount.
Sharksfin Dumpling
Next, there is also the classic Spareribs with Tausi. Looking back, I've actually been ordering this since I was young. It's a classic, no-fail dimsum for me haha. Sometimes I even buy the frozen ones from supermarkets to steam and eat at home. Gah, my love for food =P.

And now I'm excited to introduce to you my current dimsum addiction *excited*-- Xiao Long Pao! It's been the rave in town recently, especially since a lot of new Chinese restaurants opened with this dimsum in their menu. Their Xiao Long Pao is kind of sweet (which I actually like) but it doesn't have that signature soup inside. There are other places that offer better Xiao Long Pao, but I think Causeway's Xiao Long Pao is good enough given that it is cheaper and it is actually quite big compared to other places.
Spareribs with Tausi
Xiao Long Pao
Lastly, Siomai. There are the classic Pork Siomai or other variations such as the Quail Egg Siomai. As I've mentioned above, I like my dumpling/siomai skin thinner. These ones are a tad thicker but nonetheless not too thick, so it's okay =).
Pork Siomai
I'm always on the lookout to trying new dimsum choices, so please comment and tell us about your own dimsum adventures! =D

PS. Photos taken by my sister J.
Quail Egg Siomai

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  1. kaya pala maganda photos :)) joke lang bea! i love the post! :) yummy dimsum!