Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's always pleasant to try out food that you know is real deal. And since Ersao has been started up by a Taiwanese in the Philippines, you could be sure that it's authentic =)

I have actually been eating from Ersao since I was in elementary, because there's an Ersao store near our school. Of course, the staple would always be the fruit shakes and the spicy chicken (but I always order it without the spice haha). Through the years my favorite fruit shake have changed from mango to avocado to papaya, now I always buy their pearl milk tea. But for those who want to try different flavors, they have a wide array of flavors to try from =D. Presently, they have expanded their products to include some meals and that's where I order my lunch sometimes.

Spicy Chicken with Rice + Pearl Milk Tea

That's spicy chicken with rice and pearl milk tea. The chicken's good because it's tasty and crunchy at the same time. Too bad it's so few though. I love their pearl milk tea. It's just the right sweetness. This reminds me of the taste test I had the other day of different milk teas, which I didn't like as much because it tastes more like Chinese medicine. But for the milk tea served here, it really suits people's taste =D

Aside from the chicken meal, I also ordered some dumplings. It's pretty good too! I guess what I didn't like is that it has the same dipping sauce as my chicken meal haha.

But overall, it was a satisfying and tasty meal that's quick to order and pretty affordable. I'd definitely be coming back again soon haha!

668 Banawe Avenue, Sienna, Quezon City
740-8724 / 408-9665

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