Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Local Specialties - Davao Tuna Grill

Being someone who likes to try different things, we're always bombarded with so many choices. This is why my rule of thumb is always to ask for the bestseller or the local specialty. At least that way if the best they could offer does not taste good, you'll have every right to complain, just kidding haha.

Anyway, I was walking around Trinoma last night trying to choose a place to eat. Since I was alone, I don't want to eat Chinese food because that cuisine is meant for sharing. So even though that was the first thing that came to mind, I had to choose a place where I could finish the food and do some work in peace. My directionless wandering eventually got me to the food court of Landmark. Ok fine, it wasn't exactly directionless. I just didn't want to eat inside the Trinoma atrium since it was so loud and crowded all the time, and the food court not only offers a lot of choices, it's near the supermarket too! hahaha.

After looking at the different food, I finally decided to try out the place called Davao Tuna Grill, which made me wonder if tuna is indeed the specialty of Davao but you don't really have the motivation to research anymore when you're hungry right? Of course, I called their Grilled Tuna Belly to play safe.

What do I have to say? The tuna was of course a breath of fresh air from the usual pork, beef, chicken I usually eat, especially in school. And it's quite affordable too, with a price of P129. The tuna itself was very tender. My only problem would probably be the size of the tuna belly (honestly, I thought tunas were small), it was so big I couldn't finish it... well, considering that I can't eat a lot that is. After eating a lot of it, honestly it's "nakaka-umay."

But overall, it wasn't bad. Plus! I was so excited to eat the mangoes I bought from the supermarket hahaha so sweeeet! =D

Davao Tuna Grill
Landmark Food Court
Trinoma, EDSA cor. North Avenue

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