Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cantonese Soup Kitchen

Ok, first of all, I once again forgot my camera =( so forgive me for the quality of the pictures.

Moving on, today I'll introduce to you the Cantonese Soup Kitchen. Their specialty is of course their soups. I wasn't able to take a picture of it though. They have different kind of Chinese soups made of various kinds of herbs, which comes with a lot of health benefits. And the best thing is that they taste really great! Authentic Chinese cooking if I may add! Although it may be a little expensive since the serving size of their soup is just for one person, it's worth it! =D
Cantonese Soup Kitchen

 So anyway, I'll show you some of the dishes we ordered. There's the fish with tofu hotpot. I forgot the exact name of the dish from the menu, but it's more or less very straight to the point. It has very soft meat inside with a firm coating. Hm, I'd describe it as chewy on the outside and soft inside. The description sounds like a cookie doesn't it hahaha. The sauce is also very flavorful.

Fish with Tofu Hotpot
Then there's also beef kenchi, which my sister wanted to eat. It's sliced very thinly enough for it not to be hard to chew. It's a tad dry by itself, so they gave us soy sauce and the chicken dipping sauce (I never knew what that's called until this day). Together, they taste good even if I personally am not a sauce person =)
Beef Kenchi
And of course, being the self-proclaimed milk tea lover that I am, I ordered their milk tea. Their milk tea is more on the sweet and creamy side. Not bad, but I like one that's a balance of milk and tea more. So far, the best milk tea I've ever tasted in the Philippines is that of Wai Ying in Binondo, which I discovered last month. And my friends agree! We love their milk tea! Too bad I wasn't able to go to their Binondo food trip though =( But I'm not worried, my favorite milk tea and I shall meet again hahahaha
Milk Tea
Overall, good food and good service. Maybe my only problem is that the place is too small, so only a few families are able to eat at a time.

The Cantonese Soup Kitchen
Unit C-847 Banawe cor. Linaw St., Quezon City

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