Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trip to Greenbelt (Flapjack + Gelatissimo)

I went out with some friends to eat brunch at Flapjacks. Of course, when we hear Flapjacks, the first thing that comes to mind are their pancakes-- soft pancakes with your choice of topping and drizzled with syrup. What better way to start your day? But being the person who doesn't always go for the norm, I ate pasta for brunch hahaha.
Chicken Stuffed Parmigiana
I'm glad that what they offer is not just purely pasta since that would have been an overload of carbohydrate, instead they balance it with protein as well.Yeah, I do consider that haha, pretty weird huh? The breaded chicken breasts are tender with a good dose of cheese inside. And the linguine pasta is cooked just right.

Afterwards, we went to eat our dessert at Gelatissimo. They have a variety of flavors to choose from including yogurts!

I decided to try the Wild Strawberry yogurt since I've been wanting to eat yogurt lately, and wild strawberry just sounds exciting haha.
Wild Strawberry Yogurt
I like my yogurt just a tad sour, so my opinion on this particular variant may differ from those who likes their yogurt tangy and sour. But in my opinon, this one is really really sour haha. The first couple of mouthfuls were good, but after eating for sometime (they do give a lot in a cup, just look at mine! haha), it gets sour, so that might be a factor. However, I tried the coffee flavor that one of my friends is eating, it tastes really good! So when you're in a dilemma as to what to order, you can try the flavors first haha they're kind enough to let you try it =D
The service was really good. When one of my friends put her bad on the table beside ours, the waiter came by to reminded us that it is safer not to put it there, thoughtful of him =)

Til the next post!

Greenbelt 5, Makati City

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