Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mushroomburger-- Totally Confused

I didn't really plan to write a blog about Mushroomburger BUT I just had to share my confusion... THIS.
Car seats at Mushroomburger
Yes, that's Mushroomburger at Katipunan. My reaction went like this "What??? Am I seeing things?.... Why???" So you could really feel my confusion upon entering the place. At first I thought it was just the new addition of pancit in bilao that was a weird addition to the chain, but now this! Why car seats??????

Anyway, since I have expressed enough confusion already, I shall now comment on the food. It was my first time to realize that there are rice meals there actually hahaha I thought it was all just burgers (it's named MushroomBURGER for a reason).. and to think that it's not my first time to visit =P So of course, I tried their Mushroom Beef rice meal with the side dish of Mushroom Fiesta.

The mushroom was great of course; I like mushrooms, even though it supposedly doesn't have taste. But the beef was a little hard to chew, at least it's in strips though so that helps. On the other hand, the Mushroom Fiesta is, as its name implies, a dish full of different kinds of mushrooms plus one adobo egg hahaha. It has a hint of sweetness to it =)

Stay tuned for my post next Tuesday, because it's a hidden restaurant with great food! =D
Hint: One More Chance

Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


  1. *like* Maganda na photos! :D And weird nga yung car seat! :)) May pahint hint ka pa ha :P

  2. those are intergalactic space seats! or baka may sira silang kotse tapos sayang naman kung itapon yung seats, kaya inayos na lang nila tapos nilagay dyan! hahaha!

  3. @ Charmie: of course! hahaha i remembered to bring the camera =)) Para may suspense!!

    @ Anonymous: hahahaha i think mas tama ung 2nd option compared to the first one =))

  4. Yung din naisip ko nung pumasok ako doon two weeks ago. Sabi ko baka may auto parts store din sila at di mabenta yung car seats. Haha. Chinese pa naman yung owners. With regard to their food, i'm kind of indifferent towards it. I mean I don't think I would get a hankering for their burgers or something. They're this really weird mishmash of Chinese and "Filipinized" American fastfood. They're still a long way from Jollibee status. IMC, employee training and operations need a lot of work.

  5. Wow, IMC, I'm really curious, who are you?? hahaha I have a guess, but I'm not sure =))