Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baguio Part 1

Hi everyone! I have something wonderful to share today and of course, it's once again related to food! haha. So today, I'll be sharing you something about the food in Baguio. As most people know, Baguio is known for its strawberries. And guess what! It's strawberry season! hahaha. So here are my strawberry highlights in Baguio:

We ate breakfast one time at the G and C Cafe. The place is just small, but good food and good service =)

We ordered different breakfasts: tocino, bacon, and sausage. It comes with sliced bread, sunny-side up egg, butter, and strawberry jam! Bread was just the right crispiness, the egg was the kind that's not too cooked and not too raw, but my ultimate favorite would have to be the strawberry jam!! I can't have enough of it! haha good thing they serve a big dollop of it =P



*teehee* i obviously bought home some strawberry jams =P

AND!! One of my most wonderful discoveries during the trip *dun dun dun* strawberry taho!! Instead of syrup made out of sugar, they serve it in sweetened strawberry syrup with strawberry chunks =D =D =D
Bought it at the La Trinidad Strawberry Farms

Taho Vendors

photo credit to my sister =P
Try these the next time you visit Baguio! I'll be posting the part 2 of this soon! =D

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  1. Haha. STRAWBERRY TAHO?! Wah. Di ko ito nakita! -Ja