Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wham! Burgers

With so many new burger joints popping up all over Metro Manila, it gets a bit confusing. There's so much you can do to a burger to make it different, but the sheer complexity of some of these variants cause the burger to lose its classic appeal.

And so, today I bring you Wham! Burgers.

Wham! Burger
Grilled beef patty, lettuce, and tomatoes in a bun
The most generic burger in the world, not even any special sauce or cheese. But the regular burger is a classic for a reason, and the Wham! Burger is a perfectly juicy, freshly grilled burger.

Wham! Burger
Premium Chicken Sandwich
Crunchy tender chicken breast fillet with mayo and fancy lettuce
I'm not sure what fancy lettuce is, but the sandwich is pretty good. Although the chicken was good, it was a little tough, but that's expected since it's deep fried chicken breast.

Beef Frank
Totally meaty all-beef frankfurter sandwich garnished with pickle relish and fresh chopped onions
Be sure not to eat this while on a business meeting or a date, especially if you didn't bring any mouthwash with you! Otherwise, indulge yourself, because this sausage sandwich is delicious! It's a little dry, but you can add as much ketchup or mustard as you want. :)

Beef frank
Drizzled with mustard and ketchup. Yum!

The Verdict:
Wham! Burger serves the classic American burger and although it doesn't stray far from that, its burgers are good and affordable enough to make customers come back again and again. And judging from the number of branches it has opened for the past few months, I think they've got a winning formula. :)

Wham! Burgers
G/F, North Parking Bldg., SM Mall of Asia
Other Branches: Katipunan, SM Megamall, Shangri-la Plaza, SM North - The Block

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